Canadian Prairies

Canadian Prairies

Our flax comes from the abundantly rich fields of the Canadian Prairies. Read more »


The blue flowered flax plant produces Omega-3 powered flaxseeds. Read more »


We use only the freshest and best quality flaxseeds, resulting in premium products for your health and wellness. Read more »

Flaxseed Oil

Our premium flaxseed oils are cold-pressed and naturally filtered. Read more »

Welcome to BG Health Group

Fresh…Clean…Grand…Beautiful; Natural…Amazing…Nutritious…Healthy! Welcome to Canada and the world of BG Health Group Inc. and Alligga™ health products. “Be” the best and “Get” the best from a proud country and proudly Canadian company.

“Be Good to yourself and loved ones”! Use BG Health Group’s Alligga™ brand products to ensure you and your family are living a life full of health, happiness, and vitality. We are focused on providing natural and organic food and health products full of healthy nutrients such as Omega-3. It is our goal to be a leader in innovative health products to enhance everyone’s health and well-being.

Live well, eat well, and be healthy. These are the principles behind our beliefs to take care of ourselves and the people closest to us. Start by using our products and experience a healthier diet, better health, and the fight against health deficiencies and certain diseases.  

Mission Statement

A healthy body and a healthy mind are important for everybody. “Live well”…Diet, exercise, and lifestyle are where it begins.

We at BG Health Group Inc are committed to developing and providing innovative health products with the highest natural quality for a complete life balance of health, happiness, and vitality.

Flaxseed Facts

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